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Design, Planning, Research and Project Management Consultancy

ISI offers a dynamic platform for truly multidisciplinary and expert consultation on the complete implementation of project services. This encompasses research and inception, acquisition and planning, marketing and capacity building, project procurement, on-site implementation, and construction as well as and facilities and life-cycle management.

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Spatial and Urban Analytics

Spatial Research and expertise at ISI offer clients, users and stakeholders productive outcomes through the effective utilization of software, methods, applications, and instruments that generate vital metrics in the form of physical 

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Sustainability Initiatives in Urban, Environmental & Energy

ISI offers a dynamic platform for truly multidisciplinary and expert consultation on the complete implementation of project services

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Information Retrieval & Data Analytics

Due to the rapid development in the Information and Data Science and their integrative application in decision-making, construction and management of urban habitat and environment.

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Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building

Knowledge transfer is a process that supports effective collaborations and synergy between businesses, industry, the public sector and learning institutions. 

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