Title: Hydrographic Survey, Pengerang Johor

Year: 2013

Client: Agrolink Solution (M) Sdn Bhd

Project Cost: RM110,000.00

Duration: Four (4) weeks

Status: Completed


ISI was appointed by Agrolink Solution (M) Sdn. Bhd. to conduct hydrographic survey and study of proposed dredging works of an approximately 1,000 hectares seabed of Pengerang. 



Title: UTM Campus Development at Bandar Penawar

Client: Pejabat Harta Bina, UTM

Status: Pending


As requested by the Pejabat Harta Bina, UTM (PHB), ISI had submitted a technical and financial proposal for the development of the 311.3 acre UTM land located in Lembaga Kemajuan Johor Tenggara (KEJORA). The preparation of the master plan inclusive of the Development Order approval process is expected to take four to six months. The professional fee sum of RM540,000.00 is chargeable for the services of key planning and engineering consultants and for specialist input. 

ISI and REHDA through GreenRE Sdn Bhd are collaborating to promote and mainstream green buildings in Malaysia. The new initiatives known as GreenRE and owned by GreenRE Sdn Bhd., envisage driving Malaysia's Real Estate and construction industry towards more environmentally friendly buildings.

GreenRE aims to promote sustainability in the built environment through new construction and retrofitting of existing buildings according to recognised international and best practices in environmental design and performance. The affordability by stakeholders to participate in green building certification remains an issue to be addressed for mainstreaming green buildings in the industry i.e., making it a norm rather than an exception. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Mr.James Chua (GreenRE) and Prof Dr Mohd Hamdan Hj Ahmad signifies the start of GreenRE certification training and assessment partnership.

Title: Revived project of Soaraja Peranginan Sg. Rambah, Pontian as the ‘Istana Hinggap’

Client: DYMM Sultan Ibrahim

Project Cost: RM6.10 million




ISI and KALAM (Centre for the Study of Built Environment in the Malay World) Faculty of Built Environment, UTM had been asked to prepare a proposal for a new ‘Istana Hinggap’ by the Pejabat DiRaja Istana Johor. ISI is expected to assume the role of a Project Manager. At the preliminary stage, it will begin to form the consultant team and prepare the work scope, project time frame and contractual matters. ISI will need to become a JV Partner to a contractor during the construction stage similar to procurement method adopted for UTM-SPACE Project. ISI is also asked to include interior design and provide the additional cost involved.



Title: NBOS-KPT-Pils: "Cadangan Mengubahsuai, Membekal dan Memasang Perabot untuk Penubuhan Kolej Komuniti dan Politeknik cawangan baharu bagi tahun 2016

Client: Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)


Project Cost: 20 million

Duration: On-Going



ISI involvement in NBOS-KPT-PILS is as mentor institution or Project Management Consultant to Public Higher Institution (HEI) staff and students involvement in renovation, supply and installation for the new college community and polytechnic branch campuses.