Due to rapid development in the Information and Data Sciences and their integrative application in the decision­ making.construction and management of urban habitat and environment. lSI is increasingly serving clients and users who may desire intelligent research into information retrieval and subsequent data analytics. Such an effort helps clients. users and stakeholders draw meanings and conclusions from the information derived from data sets. New technologies and techniques and specialized systems and software significantly augment organizations to make more-informed business decisions. It also provides fundamental intelligent support in validating urban initiatives and built environment projects through spatial data measurement.analysis and metrics through evidence-based development

This sector is an area of primary importance as it draws parallel to the development of SMART City Initiatives and their prospective implementation. A more recent and specific contribution on the subject matter by lSI could be found in its implementation of the Hydrodynamic simulation project at Tanjung  Pelepas (Johor) for the Johor Port Authority and the proposed setting up of the Marine Data Centre for Jabatan Laut (Port Klang).

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