door house

  • Title: Door House for the Poor

    Project CostRM200,000.00 

    Leader: Prof Dr Mohd Hamdan Ahmad

    Status: Active


    The research intends to build a two-bedroom door house prototype as an effort to help the hard-core poor communities.  

    As current Malaysia’s housing policy emphasized mainly on the provision of adequate and affordable housing schemes, the current research responses to the urgent need of affordable housing for the hard-core poor and low income people through low cost but comfortable design. 

    Emphasis is given more on the comfortability as to provide sustainable shelter and take into account the quality of life of the occupants. Efforts will be devoted to redesign, modified and prototyping the initial model into affordable and comfortable housing as alternative to the current Hard-Core Poor Development Programme (PPRT) house scheme initiated by the government which is small and uncomfortable.  

    Better design from the point of view of affordability and comfortability proposed by the current research will encourage the related industries to be involved in the construction and cover the need of the targeted populations which will further lead to sustainable development in Malaysia context.

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