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On 31 May 2024, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) session took place at Dewan Surau Al-Hikmah, involving representatives of the PPR Beringin community. The session was attended by 14 community representatives, including members from the residents’ association, the Joint Management Body (JMB), and the surau council. The primary objective of the discussion was to identify and address the heat wave and flash floods issues impacting PPR Beringin.
Dr. Wan Nurul Mardiah, the project leader of the Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCRP), provided a briefing on the necessity of assessing the community’s resilience to climate change. Following her presentation, the community representatives were divided into two groups to discuss issues related to heat waves and flash floods, focusing on governance, life and health, and lifelines. The outcomes of these discussions will be presented and discussed further in a subsequent focus group discussion with stakeholders, local NGOs/CBOs, civil protection groups, and the local government committee.