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The Kuala Lumpur Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCRP) recently completed a critical step in its journey towards building resilient communities. A three-day grading session, held from June 19th to 21st, 2024, evaluated the current resilience capacity of selected communities within the program.
This collaborative effort, involving the Department of Health and Environment (JKAS), C40 Cities, and Institut Sultan Iskandar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM-ISI), marked a significant milestone in the UCRP’s data collection activities.
The grading session played a central role in the “Climate Resilience Measurement for Community” process developed by the Z Zurich Foundation. It assessed the current resilience of Kg. Pasir and PPR Beringin communities against climate-related challenges, particularly flash floods and heatwaves. This analysis is crucial for identifying areas for improvement and enhancing the overall resilience of these communities.
The sessions adopted a hybrid format, allowing participation via Zoom Meeting application and in person at the Institut Sultan Iskandar Meeting Room. This approach ensured comprehensive participation from panel members and community representatives, facilitating a thorough and inclusive evaluation process.
The UCRP, a collaboration between Z Zurich Foundation, Zurich Malaysia, Network Partners, and Local Authorities, underlines the importance of building sustainable communities prepared to withstand the impacts of climate change. The successful completion of this grading session represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal.