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We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our recent Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) for the Kuala Lumpur Urban Climate Resilience Program (UCRP) held at the Institut Latihan Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (IDB) on 7 June 2024.
This initiative is a collaboration between Z Zurich Foundation, Zurich Malaysia, C40 and Jabatan Kesihatan dan Alam Sekitar (JKAS) DBKL. Institut Sultan Iskandar (UTM-ISI) and the Centre for Community and Industry Network (CCIN) – UTM, serving as the delivery partners, facilitated the participation of over forty stakeholders, including representatives from the civil protection group, local NGOs/CBOs, and the local government committee.
Following the FGD sessions, key stakeholders were invited to participate in in-depth interviews, providing valuable insights and continuing the discussion to further refine and enhance our understanding of the community’s resilience needs and strategies. The aim was to gather crucial insights and perspectives from the stakeholders on the resilience of the PPR Beringin and Kampung Pasir communities. These insights will be instrumental in shaping our strategies for a stronger, more resilient urban environment.
Thank you to all participants and partners for your invaluable contributions! Together, we are building sustainable and resilient urban communities.